Curriculum information for SUMMER 2022 - 2nd half term (May - July)


Curriculum Information Sheet - SUMMER 2022 - 2nd half term

PRIME AREAS OF DEVELOPMENT - I will be learning to:


Personal, Social and Emotional

Play co-operatively and take turns;

Show sensitivity to others;

Form positive relationships;

Be confident and to try new activities with adults and children;

Be aware of boundaries;

Work alone or as part of a group.


Communication and Language

Listen carefully and respond to simple instructions;

Answer 'how' and 'why' questions;

Listen to stories;

Express myself effectively and to talk about a range of experiences.


Physical Development

Use tools and equipment safely and effectively;

Improve my pencil control and cutting skills;

Move with control and co-ordination;

Manage own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully;

Keep healthy through exercise and by eating a range of healthy food.



SPECIFIC AREAS OF DEVELOPMENT - I will be learning to:


Looking at books;

Singing simple songs and rhymes;

Linking sounds and letters;

Learning to write my name.



Counting, recognising and writing numbers 1-10;

Recognising 2D and 3D shapes;

Using everyday language to talk about size, distance and position;

Solving problems using my developing mathematical knowledge.


Understanding the World;

Talking about things that are important to me;

Finding out about different cultures, traditions and beliefs;

Finding out about the place where I live and features of the natural world;

Exploring and investigating objects;

Select and use technology for particular purposes.


Expressive Art and Design:

Singing songs and making music and dance;

Using and exploring a variety of tools and techniques;

Experimenting with colour, design and texture;

Using my imagination in art, role play, small world play and construction.




Discussing the things we are learning about at Playschool;

Looking and adding photos and comments to my online journal (Tapestry);

Talking about what happens in summer;

Looking at what is happening to the trees and plants;

Encouraging me to be active and eat healthy food;

Bringing in fruit at snack-time;

Telling Playschool about the things I like to do;

Sending me to Playschool with suitable clothes for the day's weather;

Reading stories to me;




Monday 6th - Friday 11th June - Exploring Life-Cycles of Mini-Beasts and Plants

Monday 13th - Friday 17th June - Looking After the Natural Environment

Monday 20th - Friday 24th June - Looking After the Natural Environment

Monday 27th June - Friday 1st July - Exploring Life-Cycles of Mini-Beasts and Plants

Monday 4th - Friday 8th July - Summer

Monday 11th - Friday 15th July - Summer

Monday 18th - Friday 22nd July - Summer




Friday 27th May - Playschool closes for Summer Mid-Term Break

Thursday 2nd June - Spring Bank Holiday

Friday 3rd June - Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday

Monday 6th June - Playschool closed - Staff Training Day

Tuesday 7th June - Playschool closed - Staff Training Day

Wednesday 8th June - Playschool reopens

Sunday 19th June - Father's Day

Friday 22nd July - End of Term